What is an Activation?

When things are not working well…

Do you compare yourself with others and does your inner voice say “I am not good enough?” or “How am I going to make it?”

Even if you are accomplished, do you have a hard time fully acknowledging it?

When you have great ideas is it hard for you to get into action and implement them?

Do you wonder if it’s really possible for you to attract your ideal partner?

Do you feel like things just don’t go your way and you’re out of luck?
I can understand all of these feelings very well.

To manifest success in all areas of your life will require expressing all of your currently suppressed qualities.

I personally have had my share of suppression, a sense of being stuck and breakdowns. It was truly a “gift from God” that allowed me to come out of it in a miraculous way.

It is my mission to connect with people who believe they can make a difference in the world, yet they are blocked in some way. It is my goal to take care of your unconscious blocks and truly unlock your potential so you can reconnect with who you are and restore yourself to your true power.

I will help you clean out ‘the junk’ out of your system so that your divine quality can shine through and you can be the noble leader you know yourself to be.

The ‘gift from God’ I spoke earlier is the work of Core Love, who is the creator and developer of state-of-the-art energy technologies and healing systems. You can find out more information about Core at: CoreLove.com/ … Core Master Mind.

I am a trained Divine Activator and one of the tools that I use is Core Love’s technology and methods. I have enabled people to have countless miracles and transformations through my practice.

Activations are commonly conducted using these methods: Skype, Google Hangout, or over the phone.

With Yuko’s 100% money-back guarantee, your satisfaction will always be ensured.

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$75 deposit secures your spot for an Activation with Yuko.

After the session, if you’re satisfied with it, please respect and pay the full remainder of the rate — which is, for 1 hour, $258.

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Secret Benefit of Processing Positive Charges

Conflict with Parents Resolved in 15 Minutes

Higher Consciousness in Cause of Indigestion


This Activation process has proven to help “high risk” youths whose anger, anxiety and self dislike can often have serious consequences for themselves — and others.

What makes Yuko Divine Activator

How does it work?

At night while you are asleep, your brain is busy working. It is busy processing the sensory information from your experiences during the day. By processing this information while we sleep, the brain converts the energy stored into renewed energy that can be used to rejuvenate the body and provide deeper understanding into current circumstances. We wake up fully energized, flowing with positive emotions and creative ideas to take on our challenges. If you find yourself backsliding or unable to move forward in aspects of life, be it health, business, relationship etc. it is an indication that your brain is literally backed up with the task of processing your memories. Not to worry, there is a way. With the right application, you can:

  • Release emotional trauma from intense experiences that are holding you back in life.
  • Increase brain processing power so you can respond rather than react to situations, and make decisions from a more powerful state of mind.
  • Overcome stress, anxiety and depression and have vital energy all day long.
  • Drive energy into your life goals and produce results faster than ever before.
  • Activate higher senses and tune into your own intuitive abilities, wisdom and consciousness and increase your performance everywhere.

By combining breathing techniques with the science of brainwaves and memory, we can duplicate the body’s #1 natural healing process: sleep. During a Brain Training Activation session, various breathing sequences are used to access and convert the energy stored in memories. A memory is dynamic and contains energy proportionate to the intensity of what was happening and the emotional reactions. Our most traumatic and euphoric experiences contain the most energy, and also require the most amount of energy to be stored in the body. With such a huge demand and hold on energy, these intense moments literally dictate the flow of life, and until these moments are processed, a life as such will be chaotic and mostly based on survival.

Converting this stored energy with a Brain Training Activation, will assist the brain largely in catching up with its task of processing your memories, making you smarter and better for whatever may come. The weight of past experiences will lift off your shoulders, so that they no longer eat at you, or have you feeling stuck all the time.

What this paves the way for is a life lived in the present, full of joy, confidence and abundance. Many who have experienced just one breath of love are blown away at how less reactive and more neutral they are in situations that previously would have caused a severe commotion. Those who have committed themselves to the Brain Training Activation process, and have built momentum with multiple activations, can attest to their entire lives having shifted in a grand way, as they gracefully overcome their major obstacles.

Inside every memory that is stored lies valuable information that helps reconnect you with your passion and purpose. These self realizations are key to overcoming any obstacles in the way of your dream. The Brain Training Activation works to convert layers of unprocessed perspectives into more serving perspectives of compassion and creativity. This constantly blossoming mindset will allow you to gain clarity on issues that, beneath the surface, have been distracting you from achieving your goals.

Understanding that these solutions are coming from you and your inexhaustible treasure of experiences, the school of life, the Brain Training Activation can be considered as one of the most organic forms of therapy out there today. All that is required of you is the passion to shift your life, and of course, your willingness to breathe.


In the Group Activation, Yuko generates a Quantum energetic field that guides each and every participant to create and attract unexpected yet highly desirable results in their lives.

In this session, you will be introduced to the cutting edge Brain Training breath sequence. The application of this breath in your daily life will alter your vibration and attract people around you to be in perfect harmony with the goals in your life.

If you are already a client of Yuko, this session will be free of charge.

If you are not a client, and decide to move forward, the fee of this session will be credited toward the fee of your package.