Learn about Yuko as a Divinity Activation Expert

Journey To Be a Spiritual Healer

Yuko has a natural gift for healing deep spiritual wounds. She works with clients globally, and gently guides them to the root cause of their pain and suffering – but that is not the real focus of her work. Her specialty is going beyond the pain and suffering, and it is really all about activating and actualizing one’s locked potential.

Yuko’s core belief is that the source of happiness is about connecting to our divine nature. Yet, as we experience life we accumulate layers of blockages, disconnections and disassociations and, as a result, we get out of touch with who we truly are. In this state we literally shut down our amazing abilities; we lose confidence, spiritual power, and the capability to heal ourselves.

Yuko is a Certified Brain Training Activator and her experience spans thousands of Activations.

Brain Training Activations enables the effortless creation of new, positive patterns in our brains, which have the ability to eliminate physical issues by addressing the root cause of a health concern and freedom from our mental prison of judgments and having true openness and authenticity that overcomes depression, procrastination, escapism and many other forms of addictions.

Combined with her diverse background and skillful power as a teacher, healer, shodo artist and activator Yuko has established a following all over the world, and is successfully guiding and nurturing her clients to generate profound positive changes.

Yuko’s clients, which vary from entrepreneurs, executives, artists, healers, business owners and leaders, consistently report that her Brain Training Activations generate sudden breakthroughs, increased ease – especially in challenging circumstances – and deep mental, body and spiritual awareness. As a tool Brain Training Activations that is based on the higher dimensional science create the ‘next level’ foundation for those committed to their transformation.

Her unique gift is to draw out her client’s distinctive genius and guide it to its full expression such that their highest dreams and aspirations are fulfilled.

With a unique methodology, founded in Brain Training and the science of brain waves, conflicting mental, physical and spiritual forces are integrated and balanced. With this method, her clients are able to connect with their higher self and have profound realizations to accelerate the actualization of their life purpose. They regularly report that these conflicting forces could not be resolved after years of work with conventional therapies.

One client specifically said “I’ve seen many therapists and healers before meeting her and she’s by far the most intuitive and powerful healer I’ve ever met.”

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