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1-on-1 Activation D – 2 Hour

1-on-1 Activation D – 2 Hour



1-on-1 Activations are for turning on new sense and abilities within your body, mind, spirit, or team.  The Purpose of a 1-on-1 Activation is to unlock the highest potential inside of you, which you have closed up or shut down so much as you go through life.  As you open up more, you have more power within to manifest reality from ordinary to extraordinary!  You are using only 1% of spiritual ability/capacity.

When you really tune into your True-Self …what you can do is beyond imagination!

1-on-1 Activations are for awakening Who You Really Are (your potential) in order to be useful and also accomplish your true mission of being here on Earth in this time of Ascension time.  You are part of a Divine plan.

There are a lot of deeper/bigger things happening that are unseen in the world you live in.  The more activated your senses the more you get to understand what’s really going on in your life in way that you never saw before.


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