Omamori by Yuko – Lucky Charms


Omamori are special charms found in Japanese temples and shrines that people have sought and relied upon for many years.

There are many unique Omamori, each with a different focus. The vibrations in Yuko’s artwork of each charm will help you to fulfill special goals and needs in your life.

Size: Approx. 3×4 inches or 4×3 inches

  • Trust



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    To have greater belief in others, and yourself
  • Selfrespect


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    To achieve confidence in, respect and acceptance of yourself
  • Peaceandharmony

    Peace & Harmony

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    To seek greater serenity in your life and home
  • Joysmall

    Joy (small)

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    To welcome greater happiness in your life
  • Heartofgiving

    Heart of Giving

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    To cultivate your heart to give to others with love and caring
  • Healthsmall

    Health (small)

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    When you are ready to have the health you deserve, for yourself or those you love, including physical, emotional and spiritual, this Shodo artwork will accelerate this process by activating your blue chakra that governs your health.
    (also, see the Framed Shodo Art) (Energizes Blue Chakra on Core Love’s Tree of Love)