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Sensei Yuko Halada was born and raised in Japan to a family with considerable spiritual and artistic gifts. Her grandfather was a Buddhist minister who was gifted in shodo, the art of Japanese calligraphy; her father was a music teacher and conductor; and her mother was accomplished in many traditional Japanese arts. She moved to the US 29 years ago, and on her spiritual purification journey she was guided to teach shodo not only to express her artistic capabilities and spiritual intensity, but also as a pathway for people to be in tune with their inner divinity. In 1998, she founded Spiritual Shodo, combining traditional Japanese calligraphy and spiritual healing. Through Spiritual Shodo, Yuko has been able to access higher dimensional energy, which enables her shodo art to emit Divine Light and healing power. Her students, patrons and collectors attest to a healing force, a shift in their well-being that derives from her art.

Yuko’s Shodo Art Enhances Life!

Divinity Shodo Artwork - Test with Plants - Quantifiable Results The hyacinth plant with Yuko’s art grew much faster than the other plant. Yuko’s shodo emits a pure, high dimensional vibration that contains healing powers that can improve the health, relationships and emotional well-being of your life.

The Alchemy of Yuko’s Art

“If you’re familiar with the N.Y. Times best selling book “The Hidden Messages in Water,” by Dr. Masaru Emoto, also popularized by the hit movie “What the Bleep Do We Know,” you saw the magnificent pictures he took of various crystals formed by frozen water, and how their shape and beauty of changed by what words they were exposed to and how they could also degenerate when exposed to negative words. Since the human body and earth itself is comprised mostly of water, this book provides profound implications of how the thoughts or words a person and their environment is exposed to, affects them in a very deep way. Sensei Yuko Halada’s artwork, which represents various noble qualities, has this kind of healing effect on people, their environment and beyond.”

“Sensei Yuko Halada’s is also a Divine Light Practitioner, and her artwork is distinct from regular Japanese calligraphy, as through trained intuitive insight, I saw how it emits a web of healing light around those exposed to it, creating a “spiritual pattern” which activates a spiritual healing process, higher consciousness, healing energy systems including the charkas, which facilitates a person’s reality to shift to reflect this.”

“Depending on the meaning or symbol in each piece of her work, the divine light and energy emanating from her artwork creates different spiritual patterns. For example, I experienced one of her paintings opening up the heart & crown chakra with the warmth of unconditional love, giving one strength to live their dreams. Another painting activated one’s inner senses, inner awareness, inner sight and inner hearing, to access a higher perception of one’s current situation, in order to receive the gift & blessing behind it, previously inaccessible.”

“The higher dimensional pure Light & messages and contained in Yuko’s artwork are full of vibrations of love, peace & joy and healing, creating a beautiful and sacred environment as well as a catalyst for higher consciousness, health, and the actualization of dreams.”

— Marie Fowler, MSW & HHP

Psychotherapist and Board Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Unbelievable Healing Power of Yuko’s Shodo Art!

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“My awareness continued to dance with Yuko’s art for days and days after touring her work. I have been to many art museums throughout the U.S. and Europe, and I have never felt such a beautiful and simple, yet profound piercing high vibration from anyone’s art like I experienced with Yuko’s!”

– Stephanie Ryan, Qi Gong Instructor



My workplace was a place of drama and disharmony. I hung your artwork for peace & harmony in my office and there is a profound change. The colleagues who come into my office are in good moods and better humor. This has spread throughout the entire workplace, affecting everyone in a positive way. All I can say is … thank you… Sensei Halada! It really works! I am compelled to write you again. I just moved in my own apartment for the first time in three decades. I felt very happy until I realized how much I was going to miss my long-term roommate. I fell apart and started to cry and couldn’t stop. I searched your symbol of peace & harmony all over. When I finally found it I displayed it. In a few minutes I began to feel better and was able to pull myself together. Once again I felt the incredible power in your artwork. Thank you Sensei Halada once again. Rachael – Musician, Composer, Producer


Lucy DiMarzio

I have four pieces of Sensei Halada’s artwork in my home. At first I was skeptical of its power. However, after hanging her calligraphy I noticed right away that the energy throughout my home profoundly changed. And when I placed her symbol of “love” in my family room I felt a strong sense of loving and peacefulness.

The person who helped me hang the Shodo art mentioned, “Have you noticed the change in this house? It just feels more serene and peaceful.”

I love Sensei Halada’s calligraphy. She is a true artist.

Lucy DiMarzio

Senior Olympic Gold Medalist


John Scanlin, Aikido instructor

I have two reasons to thank Sensei Halada.

I developed a painful spinal condition that caused me to miss a great deal of work and discontinue my Aikido practice. I purchased her artwork for “Health.” Since then my condition is greatly improved. I’m not only back at work, I’m teaching Aikido full time. At the same time my wife was under enormous stress, so I also bought Sensei Halada’s artwork for “Peace & Harmony”. Soon afterwards my wife was much happier and at peace. I believe the ki, the positive energy from her artwork helped so much both of us to recover. Her artwork really works.

Thank you so very much.

John Scanlin, Aikido instructor


Debie Friedman

Sensei Halada’s Japanese calligraphy has remarkable energy. I bought the symbol “Joy” and hung it in my office. Every day it brings a smile to my face. It adds an energetic dimension of joy to my work and to my interactions with others. I’ve attended Sensei Halada’s calligraphy workshops and have felt serenity and love in each brush stroke. It is a privilege to have her artwork in my home.

– Debie Friedman, Life Coach