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Spiritual Shodo Special Intro Workshop – By Request Only

Sensei Yuko is the founder of Spiritual Shodo, which integrates the art of Japanese Calligraphy, ancient wisdom and cutting edge spiritual healing. Yuko Halada - Spiritual Shodo Caligraphy Artwork - Workshop - 1 Her passion and purpose is to be a catalyst to unlock each person’s highest potential. Sensei’s exclusive Spiritual Shodo Workshop provides a profound experience of higher awareness, self discovery and spiritual transformation. Several guest tried their hand (and heart) at calligraphy strokes. Students share the deep effect of Sensei’s Spiritual Shodo workshops: “I was profoundly touched by the spiritual depth and lightheartedness of Sensei Yuko’s approach to teaching. As she gently guided my hand, I could feel in the brush the subtle struggle in me between surrender and control. The process of letting go to the flow of spirit through my hand and heart was lovingly and skillfully encouraged in her presence and touch. Through very powerful visualizations and spiritual breath work, Sensei guided me to look honestly and deeply at my older, negative patterns and replace them with positive & empowering ones. She engendered my artistic, psychological and spiritual evolution. Before parting, I bowed to Sensei Yuko with tears of gratitude as I recognized her as a true spiritual teacher and a dear friend of many lifetimes.” Sensei Yuko teaches private one on one calligraphy lessons at her office, located on 18th St. and Northern Ave. in Phoenix Arizona. Contact Yuko for more details.

Shodo Spiritual Transformation Tesimonial at the 8th week session by Dr Jullian Thomason, M.D.

Spiritual Shodo Art Special Intro Workshop




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Extremely valuable experience and tools! – Zarah Ajmi
Zarah Ajmi

Zarah Ajmi

“My experience of this workshop was a Divine moment for me. It was so beautiful! I feel that I released past trauma in such a short time which is so amazing and I feel so much light now! I learned such an incredible spiritual tool to release any internal blockages with ease and fast from Yuko today. I experienced how effective this tool is and I am very excited to use this tool in my daily life so that I will have an access to shift my reality. Thank you so much, Yuko for providing extremely valuable experience and tools to our lives through your work.” — Zarah Ajmi  
I’m so delighted and amazed – Marie Fowler
Marie Fowler

Marie Fowler

“I’m so delighted and amazed that after participating in just an introductory workshop of Spiritual Shodo with Yuko Halada that I was able to clear some long standing resistance, dread and procrastination on a very important financial goal. While that in itself is amazing, I wasn’t even the volunteer for that class, but was doing the breath of love along side another participant who was. The next day I was able to complete this project and goal with so much grace and ease, it felt effortless. This work definitely freed my mind and energy of so much stress, that I could move forward in my life in a powerful way.” – Marie Fowler, MSW & HHP Psychotherapist and Board Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner  

Student Breakthroughs In Life

Take a look at the following journal entries tracking the spiritual improvement of students who participated in both Shodo classes and positive energy homework assigned by Halada Sensei. Each is a testament to the power of Halada Sensei’s way of teaching Shodo and its calming, spiritually enlightening qualities. Also take a look at some of the powerful and inspiring artistic work of Halada Sensei’s students!
Progress Journals
Shyann L. “My time in this class has been a wonderful experience. My life has become calmer and happier; I enjoy every moment in this class. The writing helps me relax and find my inner self. It has also helped my mom and I to get along better in our relationship. I have also become friendlier to my friends and others.” Jenna C. “I feel very content with myself. I notice that a lot of times that after I do my exercises I feel a lot less stress and worry than before. I am also really enjoying learning how to rechannel feelings of pain.” “Today was a wonderful day. I am very excited that I have a long weekend and I am feeling so grateful for everything. Sometimes I will find myself suddenly being grateful for very small things I would have usually overlooked. I am very glad my mind is making this transition.” Kristie Monday: “I did the smiling exercises about 60 times in a row and I found myself smiling the whole day afterwards”. Tuesday: “I feel that my health is getting better from the breathing exercises.” Wednesday: “The exercises are making me feel better about myself.” Thursday: “The exercises are going really good for me and I feel more happy and lovely.” John 10/11 “Doing the breathing exercises 30 times really boosted my self-confidence and it makes me feel much better. Also I was happy.” 10/14 “Breathing has started to boost my confidence and my concentration level has improved a lot since I started doing these breathing exercises.” Lauren “After doing all the exercises I feel more peaceful and calmer. The breathing exercises made me breathe better and concentrate. The squatting exercises make me have more balance. Saying thank you more often makes me feel like I can make a difference in someone’s life just by saying thank you and making them smile. Other exercises I’ve done are “go beyond the limitation” exercises make me happy and proud. I got a lot out of Japanese calligraphy. I learned how to write my name and make a shi and a mountain. I learned the spiritual kind of way and part of the culture.” “Doing the exercises made me feel more energized and happy. It made me feel better about myself and it gave me another point of view of the world, like taking out the negative and thinking about the positive. I felt more relaxed after the class. I totally forgot all the bad things that happened to me. When I came out of the classroom I felt so happy and relaxed.” Monica “At the beginning I felt that 16 exercises were not going to work but as I did them more and more I wasn’t as depressed as I used to be. I would wake up and feel very tired. After the exercises I felt more awake and everything seemed more vibrant.” Rae “I did the exercises and it helped me sleep better and my dream positive. Today I learned how the exercises can improve your daily life.” Michael “The breathing exercises helped me to keep a calm, gentle spirit. The posture made my body feel good. The smiling and giving thanks brought joy. The exercises helped my body to relax giving thanks made me realize how fortunate I am. The smiling brought happiness into my spirit.”

Student Experiences

— Katharine Frey, Master Ballet Teacher Here’s what others are saying about Halada Sensei’s classes: “Through Halada Sensei’s respectful and loving approach to this art form and her students, I have learned patience, humility and self-exploration. The brush stroke of a single line becomes the most important accomplishment I have ever made.” –Carol Saker, Bead Artist “During the last session with Halada Sensei, we reached a major milestone. I embraced the source of my fear and anxiety and then let it go. All of the things that would keep me immobilized and prevent me from moving forward in my life were put into perspective and would no longer hold me captive. My art is giving me joy for the first time.” –Pat Beck “Halada Sensei teaches one to connect with one’s inner fears and release them so that only a pure connection with inner divinity remains. I worked with her on the line exercises and connected with the fear around my heart. As I chanted during the line exercises, the fear was released and serious heartburn I ‘d felt for several months disappeared. It hasn’t been back since. I am grateful to Sensei and amazed at this process.” –Jessica Dailey,High School Teacher “When I first began learning Shodo from Sensei, I was unsure of myself and who I might become. Now, I am much more confident in myself and my potential. Sensei’s spirituality, self-confidence, and desire to help others has inspired me to believe in myself and more deeply appreciate the beauty in the world.” –Dr. Brandie Gowey, Private Session Student “My friends were all asking me if I had met a man because suddenly I seemed happier and more joyful than normal. No, I explained to them, I had just taken one Japanese calligraphy class with Halada Sensei and the shift she inspired in me made the difference!” –Shyann, High School Student “My time in Sensei’s class has been a wonderful experience. My life has become calmer and happier; I enjoy every moment in this class. The writing helps me relax andfind my inner self. It has also helped my mom and I to get along better in our relationship. I have also become friendlier to my friends and others.” — Ericca D. , High School Student “Halada Sensei’s exercises made me stress-free and I felt better, likeI could carry on my day with positive feelingsand thoughts.” — Deborah Dabibi , Faculty Member, Sierra Vista Academy “I realized after a few weeks that Halada Sensei was doing more than just teaching Japanese Calligraphy when I began to see a remarkable change in the students’ attitudesand behaviors. She had a powerful impact on them.” — Patricia Harrington, Saguaro Branch Library “Thank you for introducing children at Saguaro to the art of Japanese calligraphy. You have given them a spiritual foundation for calligraphy and proved it requires discipline to achieve success. You caused abundant positive energy to converge on the meeting room through the medium of your own cheerfulness and gave us all respect for this way of expressing Japanese culture.” — Brenda C. , High School Student “Thank you for making a positive impact in my life . I appreciate the way you see life, the way you talk and finally the way you live life. You look toward life in a positive way . I just want to say that I loved your presentation and that I thought you were great. Domo Arigato!” –Kyrie, High School Student “By doing the thank you exercise I felt more connected to my surroundings, like I was being accepted by the world. Probably because saying thank you over and over around me helped me be more understanding and accepting to everything in my life.” –Michael Glenn, Teacher, William K. Eaton School “Ms. Halada works with a class of teens for 90 minutes and they are captivated throughout the entire time. Her presentation is entitled “Japanese Calligraphy” but it really is so much more than that. The students learn about positive energy, positive attitude, and respect. The students practiced breathing and stretching exercises, along with posture, listening, and being focused, all of which will lead to success in their lives. We endorse this program and will look forward to when she returns to our school again next year.”