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1-on-1 Activations Testimonies:

Transformation from Victim state to Passionate in helping others.

Results in Procrastination & Law of Attraction without normal processing in Skype.
The Importance of Action Steps.

Upset & Challenge in Relationship turned into the Treasure for Future Purpose.

Self-Esteem Boost! – Miracles in Relationship and Exercise

Iffy Kazim

Iffy's - Self-Esteem Boost! - Miracles in Relationship and Exercise


Yuko helped me find my passion and connect with who I am through the Activations I did with her. I was struggling with my self-image and who I was now and what I wanted and she helped me resolve that. Through the Activations I was able to reconnect with my inner child. I have been able to nurture my self in the process, something I had forgotten in the rigamarole of life. I was able to achieve inner peace and have self love and compassion.

One of the areas I experienced a breakthrough in is exercising. In the past I would exercise for a week or two and then stop. I have gotten years of coaching with no results. Now I am exercising 6 times per week with excitement and no resistance. Even my husband has noticed my commitment and has said that he has never in the eight years we have been together seen me exercise with such consistency and commitment.

In addition, because I became more confident in myself and had more peace and ease, my relationship with husband has improved significantly. We now experience passion and love at whole new level which I could never imagine before. Our communication has also opened up and increased and is at a whole new level. In the past, when he said certain things to me I would make him wrong. Now he can say anything and I take it in as information without judgement and ask questions.

The Activations with Yuko became so powerful that there came a point that whenever we did an Activations my hands and arms would start to tingle and I would get goose bumps. I knew in those moments that I was on the right path.
Yuko is an amazing Activator. The results I have been able to produce with in a few months have not been produced in years of training, coaching and counselling. In summary, Yuko is a Miraculous, Magical Activator!

Able to go from hell into heaven in one breath!

Marie Fowler

Yuko Halada - Divinity Activations - Spiritual Healer Testimonial - Marie Fowler
I went to see Yuko Halada for an Activation session to resolve some patterns of fear and stress that were creating problems in a relationship. When we went to address the cause of the problem, it was a past life time where many injustices had occurred. I was tuning into this, I was filled with so much anger and bitterness, the most I’ve ever felt in my life and in my body. Then after just one Brain Training Activation, my consciousness expanded into Christ or Buddhic consciousness and I was able to see the whole situation from a higher perspective and was able to completely forgive and be at peace with my enemies at that time and also regain a sense of self dignity and self love. I was literally able to go from hell into heaven in one breath!!! Needless to say, I continue to be in awe of the gentle and yet deeply transformative power of this work to heal and change lives.

Many blessings,

— Marie Fowler, MSW & HHP, Psychotherapist and Board Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner


Quick Manifestation

Rev. Jessie Keener

Rev. Jessie Keener 1/27/14

I did a private Activation with the most fabulous Yuko last night on Quick Manifestation. I have recently retired from a very successful Naturopathic Healing practice to focus on regrouping (I just moved in with my husband of six months) and to set up a strong foundation to pursue Breath Work and Activations Full-time, both in SoFlo. and around the country, through the web.

Yuko is a talented facilitator/Master Teacher, and we got right to work. We extracted a ton of energy from memories of my practice and how much I love to serve and empower people. We also covered a memory/awareness of how a successful business fosters the need for employees, and I had so much gratitude for being able to support other people’s livelihoods during that business’s life. Not to mention I have had the world’s best employees…!
The session was powerful, start to finish and I barley slept last night, which I am noticing in the community, isn’t unusual! I could tell lots was integrating. Be on the lookout for some substantial manifestations QUICKLY. I highly recommend Yuko’s Activations. Peace!

Miracle Shift in Relationship

Devyani Mehta

Devyani Mehta 1/26/14

I had an Activation with Yuko on 18th January 2014 to remove “the fear of men”.

Having been taken care of in every sense of the word by a protective, possessive husband for almost 20 years, I sure had some wake-up calls after his sudden death in May 2011.

Interacting with men was not easy and when anyone wanted to get more intimate, I would retract into my shell.
I believe we are the creators of our experiences, and I could not understand why I would not allow myself to have the possibility of romance.
Surely the co-dependency with my late husband could not be the sole reason for not being able to trust the process of life to bring me a positively healthy relationship with a man?!

The answer- I had created a negative pattern from memories of sexual harassment from childhood, teenage student days and early adulthood at work. And no wonder I “chosen” a man who would “guard” me from men to be my husband!

As Yuko worked through my memory with the right questions to bring them up from about the age of 7 or 8, she was able to convert the charges in my memories with guided breathing until I could not “see” the painful memories anymore.

I am very grateful to Yuko, in about 2 hours, she had helped me release uncried tears and wipe away my fear of men as a result of converting the charges in hurtful memories.

After the session, I felt as if I was truly a free being! I felt as though I could now allow the Universe to bring me the experience I need to enjoy an intimate relationship with a man whom I can trust in deep friendship.

That evening, I emailed a friend of mine who lives abroad, a YouTube video with a romantic song…for the first time, I had no hesitancy! Although for the past 3 months we had been communicating on a “spiritual” level, he had been quite romantic in his expressions yet I had been afraid to allow the possibility of this “spiritual” friendship to be romantic!

Thank you so very much Yuko for your amazing work, love you.

Circumstances Reflect My Inner World


Nako Mbelle Nov 17, 2013

1-1 Activation with +Yuko Halada

I feel very blessed to have found this community and Yuko in my healing journey.

WIth Yuko’s masterful guidance, I uncovered, processed and integrated memories that were subconsciously creating environments and attracting people who trigger negative emotions. These emotions cause self-judgement which are the root cause of my physical symptoms.

I realize these “negative” people and circumstance reflect my inner world and thankfully Yuko’s application of +Core G Love work is helping me get beyond “myself”.

The biggest breakthrough during this particular session was being able to tell the difference between my spirit guide’s voice and my ego’s voice. Simply life changing.

As a result of my 1-1 activation with Yuko, I’ve taken immediate action with relatives that may not have resulted otherwise.

So thank you Yuko for all that you do! You’re a powerful activator and we’re lucky to have you in the community.


The magic of what Yuko does…


Nako Mbelle

Nako Mbelle

I had another incredible 1 -1 activation with +Yuko Halada the other day and I’m still having realizations pop up days later.

One of the biggest takeaways for me during this session was the realization of what, why, where and how I developed the root cause of my anxiety. It began at the age of 3yrs. This is a huge accomplishment for someone who can’t remember what she had for lunch 2 days ago.

Yuko’s application of +Core Love technology got to the exact memory of what started it all. I thought I knew the root;(been on the couch a couple times) but this memory came out of nowhere. And my body responded in kind. I’ve been releasing tension in places I didn’t even know I had tension ever since the session. And it continues.

As we went through our rounds of breath, I felt redeemed.

The magic of what Yuko does with Core’s technology goes beyond the physical realm. This session brought closure for me from a loved one who has passed on. And although I had written letters (burned them) and apologized in prayer; nothing felt like the weight had lifted until this last session.

It’s like a curse has been lifted. I’m still coming to terms with everything but I feel so hopeful and excited about the future.

Thank you Yuko and +Core G Love for changing the fabric of people’s reality.

I hope to give back as much as I’ve received from this community.

With gratitude and love


Conflict solved. Choice made. Options available. New actions will be taken!

Julian Nalani Love

Julian Nalani Love

Dec 2, 2013

I just had an amazing Activation with +Yuko Halada It was just 15 minutes long but the result was awesome.

The essence of it was this: I just got my brand new business cards for the JNL Collective (which is my new brain training and business systems coaching company) and there was a typo on it!

Instead of writing ‘operating’ the typo says ‘opeparting’ — funny eh? I invented a new word.

I did show my design to 3 people prior to printing and no one noticed it. I even started at the card for hours, and I never saw it either.

The old adage that ‘the most difficult thing to see is what’s right in front of your face’ hit me as soon as I noticed the typo.

And… the designer and perfectionist in me was creating an uneasy feeling in my stomach… for the perfectionists out there: you know the one!!!

For the activation Yuko asked me to close my eyes and access a memory where something that I thought was a mistake turned out to be totally amazing. I actually saw a vision from the future where all of my projects ended up working out and I was acknowledging myself for a job well done and for ‘hanging in there’ even when things ‘seemed’ to be ‘totally messed up.’

We breathed, and when I came back, I realized that the typo was actually a tool! It will help me recognize which brainwave people are operating from based on their response.

For those that notice the typo I will pay close attention to their words and see which brainwave they are speaking from. It’s going to be so much fun watching people’s reactions.

The best part about this Activation is that the perfectionist in me got really quiet and actually loved this solution.

Conflict solved. Choice made. Options available. New actions will be taken!

Thank you +Yuko Halada !!!


So grateful for the opportunity to evolve, grow and have total JOY for NO REASON

Julian Nalani Love

Julian Nalani Love

Yesterday I had another awesome Activation with +Yuko Halada

My relationship with +Iffy Kazim is in a different stratosphere. Both of us have had the honour of working with Yuko and she has helped us so much that it is simply mind-blowing… and all of this has happened in three months of work!

Each and every day our relationship is getting more and more delicious…

As far as results go, Iffy is comfortable in her body and is working out 6 days a week. This has NEVER happened before since I met her in 2005. She has done hours and hours of coaching, seminars and IT NEVER HAPPENED that she was able to exercise consistently and feel empowered by it. Now she is even telling ME to exercise more. THAT IS NEW!!! And she is pushing herself… she is motivated and fully empowered as she is building muscle, getting fit and toned.

She is very happy from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep… she is alive and thriving… It is such a delight and so wonderful to see…

We are also more expressed in our relationship and communicate in a fun and playful way… like today, I saw an attractive girl and was flirting with her with Iffy sitting right beside me… in the past I would totally suppress myself and shut down… but today I let it flow… later Iffy acknowledged that it is healthy to flirt and that it’s nice to see that I can recognize beauty!


And for those out there who like sex, (LOL, like, who doesn’t?) we now have great amazing yummy yummy passionate sex that just keeps on getting better… we’re all over each other like bees on honey.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to evolve, grow and have total JOY for NO REASON. Thank you +Yuko Halada

Keep the Activations coming!!!


Magix Activation with Yuko Halada

Ranminder Sarkaria (Ronnie)

Ranminder Sarkaria (Ronnie)

Ranminder Sarkaria (Ronnie)

Hi everyone

Been awhile since reaching out…Past few months have been very demanding, strenuous on my mind, my energy. Many issues I thought I processed, resurfaced. Sadly, I fell back into my worst state, disappointing myself with certain actions I made. Allowing myself old habits. Worked hard releasing issues that no longer served any purpose this past yr, only, only to fall back to where I started. This time, making things even harder for myself. ::Feeling Guilty::In the past, there was no one around, who I felt could understand. would listen. would help me see past, what is now, help me focus on what will be. Who would remind me, enjoy the journey…

“Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement”

Yuko told me today…

“you moved God.. that is why God moved me, to help you”

for those Yuko has helped, take a moment, think what this means to you…To me, means everything. God’s light and love is channeled through Yuko. her higher purpose lives within those she touches. heals. awakens. nothing can be more special.

We all have angels, guardians who beckon at our call. Walking with us. Standing for us. Pillars of light. Warriors of love and forgiveness.

This communities charm captivates me…

what would take years to let go, guilt…

took a few minutes with Yuko today. ::Magix::

+Yuko Halada +Brandi Jo angels helping change lives.

“Thank you”


1-1 Activation with +Yuko Halada


Nako Mbelle

Nako Mbelle

My 1-1 activation with +Yuko Halada was another eye opening experience. We used the Magix technique which feels a bit like electroshock therapy at times. The surge of intense energy I feel is probably because I’m integrating both past and present life experiences. That’s how powerful this activation was for me.

Yuko always asks the right follow-up questions after my memory recall to get to the root issue. After my realizations, I’m better able to understand, accept and embrace painful past/ present circumstances and relationships. It’s truly empowering and liberating.

Thank you +Yuko Halada for your guidance and assistance in helping me integrate my past memories with my present reality using the +Core G Love‘s powerful Magix healing module. It’s a real-time healing experience that’s priceless and life changing.


Mind-Blowing Activation – Compassion, Peace with my Financial situation
Julian Nalani Love

Julian Nalani Love

Julian Nalani Love

Jan 8, 2014

I just had a mind-blowing Activation with +Yuko Halada

I don’t even know how to put it into words. I will do my best though.

The intention for the Activation was to have compassion and peace with my financial situation which is in a state of chaos.

I connected how my current financial situation in life, is directly linked to a conversation I had with my dad when I was 13 years old. The experience was like unraveling the plot of a 1000 page novel!

When I was 13 I lived in Greece. At that time my dad promised to get me a motorbike when we move to Canada and, basically a much better life than I had in Greece. Keep in mind that my life in Greece was magical. We were not ‘rich’ but our experience was rich. In any event, I idealized Canada and the image I created was so far from what actually happened when I moved here at the age of 14 that I had to compensate for that disparity.

In my programming I had to disassociate from my dad and make him wrong, and in order to make my life functional I had to bury his promise of a motorbike and a ‘better life’ deep inside. I was successful with that until 2005 when it resurfaced — but because I did not want to “upset anyone” I did not discuss it with him — or anyone else. I actually did not think it was a ‘big deal.’

Oh, but it was a HUGE deal.

As a result of this programming, I got involved in several business deals that promised amazing results in a very short time frame (just like my dad did when I was 13) — none of which fully worked to date.

The reason for this was because of the energy that I was holding onto — in essence, continuing to make my dad wrong for not having what he promised – I started to look externally such that the promise was fulfilled elsewhere – but there was never any chance of that happening due to the nature of how I programmed my reality.

It was, in essence, coded so I could eventually find out the source when I became conscious — but until then, it was to be hidden from my awareness, until I learned my lesson.

So what is my lesson? The lesson is that I can now release my dad from that promise. I am now strong enough to fulfill on that promise on my own, and I do not require my dad to do it for me.

In the Activation I fully acknowledged him for who he is, and what an amazing man he is! In my eyes he is incredibly successful because I turned out! I am here!

I was moved to tears during the Activation.

What a blessing this technology is. It is, quite literally, a God send.

I am so looking forward to my next Activation. I literally have no idea what’s going to be uncovered, but I know that it’s going to be awesome.


I give Yuko my highest recommendations!

Marie Fowler

Yuko Halada - Divinity Activations - Spiritual Healer Testimonial - Marie Fowler“I give Yuko Halada my highest and sincerest recommendations for her deeply transformational work. She is also one of the wisest and most loving persons I know, and holds such a sacred and non-judgmental space for the deepest healing to occur. It’s true that any facilitator can only take you as far as they have gone. Her integrity is second to none as she has done so much of her own inner healing work, that she can hold and transform your darkest pain as well as support your highest visions with the utmost impeccability. I feel so incredibly blessed to know her, not only for her extraordinary gifts, but by her living example of love and joy every day, especially when life is difficult. She has truly integrated her highest spiritual values into her daily life and there is no greater compliment or testament for someone’s character than that in my book. My life has been forever changed by her work and by her example and I am eternally grateful.”

— Marie Fowler, MSW & HHP

Psychotherapist and Board Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner


Perspective in Relationship Challenges


Nako Mbelle

Nako Mbelle

Nov 8, 2013
I had an extremely powerful one on one Activation with Yuko tonight that put into perspective some of my current relationship challenges.

I was able to access an important past life memory and link it to a current memory which gave me some very surprising and revealing answers.

Unlike most traditional therapies that focus on conscious memory recall, activation sessions are about processing, integrating and resolving memories that you’re not even aware you’re storing.

Thank you Yuko’s for guiding me to unravel, peel back and process the layers of memories that appeared random at first.

Now, I feel a sense of relief , acceptance and compassion for the strange dynamic of some of my relationships. And that is priceless.


Core Childhood Memory – Sugar Addiction Gone
Lucia Palmaro

Lucia Palmaro

Lucia Palmaro

Oct 23, 2013

I wanted to share this powerful activation that I experienced with Yuko last month. My intention was to clear charges around my sugar addiction…we’re talking about 50 years plus of loving the white stuff! Mmmhhh an accumulation of charges.

Yuko led me through the Activation with such clarity and brilliance and brought me back to a core childhood memory. Wow! I understood so much.

We were finished with the session but the Activation continued for the next 24 hours. I was led from one memory to another which I was able to ‘breathe” through. It resulted in my being able to love myself on a deep level never before possible. I connected with the “Divine Me!” This is priceless.

And what about the sugar addiction that was the inspiration for the activation. I wasn’t even tempted by the white stuff. No thank you!


The Makings of an awesome Vacation & Relationship Time

Jewel Fox

Jewel Fox

Jewel Fox

Oct 31, 2013

I just had a powerful 1 on 1 Activation with Yuko that I would love to share. My intention & focus was to extract energy from a euphoric vacation I had when I was 25 convert & drive that energy into a vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico we have planned for my 40th birthday this December.

When I first went in to my memories, I was able to see a bunch of memories that I had on my trip to St. Lucia: things like yachting, volcano site seeing, rain forest hiking, swimming in a cold water spring, beach stuff, uninhibited sex outdoors and amazing food/smells.

This is when things got really interesting and exciting! After extracting the energy, Yuko had me go in (closing my eyes) see Winston ( my boyfriend) & communicate telepathically about all the fun things we are going do on our trip and all the fun we would have & see Winston’s reaction to it. In the vision I saw us both laughing, and then we both got teary eyed because he was so excited about it. The next time I went in I saw us on our trip being playful together, doing fun activities (like climbing the ruins, snorkeling, & such), building a deeper intimacy together, and relaxing; the reason why that was so special was because Winston has never experienced a trip like this before ever. The next time I went in I saw a snap shot picture of the 2 of us on our trip in Mexico and I had an overwhelming feeling it was exactly what we needed to build a deeper intimacy in our relationship as well as providing us with adventure, celebration, rest & revival of energy for us to conquer the world together! And the last time I went in I couldn’t see anything but I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude because I knew in my heart we just programmed my reality!

Yuko & I were both having a great time and laughing! In addition to the fun, this activation with Yuko was very spiritual & so powerful. It’s really clear to me & I feel that by doing this activation we successfully extracted the stored energy from a previous vacation, converted it with breath and drove the energy into my Mexico trip coming up in just over a month!

I am so very grateful for Yuko and her gift with these Activations. I really am starting to see clearly that we can program our reality to be whatever our hearts desire! Thank you Yuko! Love and Light, xo!


Have the answers revealed to you and remember who you truly are


Nako Mbelle

Nako Mbelle

Oct 19, 2013

Yesterday, I had a one-on-one Activation with +Yuko Halada. And once again, I was blown away by the insights and realizations.

This Activation session reminded me of that cliche expression: you already have all of the answers you seek. The trick is finding out how to have the answers revealed to you and remember who you truly are.

I’m still freaked out by the quality and depth of information I get from these sessions in an hour. Like, holy crap!

I was able to get in touch with exactly how I’m contributing—dare I say—to my own “troubles”. There’s really no one else to blame. (darn) And that realization yesterday was a bitter-sweet red pill (or is it the blue pill, I can never remember) to swallow. Do we really have that much power? Yikes!

Thanks +Yuko Halada for being the awesome facilitator of this powerful technique. With each Activation comes a clearer sense of purpose and mission.

The rabbit hole just got a lot deeper. But I’m ready. And thank god I don’t have to take this journey alone. I’ve got the Core Love Massive to connect, share and celebrate the good, bad and ugly with.

Thanks again +Yuko Halada for sharing your time, energy, experience, love and wisdom with me during these sessions.


My Miraculous Story – Series of Activations with Yuko

Teresa Racciatti

Teresa Racciatti Oct 17, 2013

I have been experiencing a series of Activation with Yuko, and it has profoundly changed my life. I want to share my miraculous story with you.

Revive my desire to live again. May 20th, 2013

My congestive heart failure has, for a long time, challenged me with surgery, procedures and, recently, great pain. Bedridden, in pain, depressed and hopeless I thought, “I can’t take the pain or handle my illness any longer.”, and called on God to take me.

Ill as I was, bedridden, I barely managed to receive an activation session of Brain Training practice from Yuko. We set a goal of taking care of charges that were responsible for the pain in my heart. Layer by layer Yuko took me on a releasing journey that addressed and took care of my core issues.

When the session ended, to my total surprise, the pain in my heart was less than half than before! My depressed emotions lifted and I felt light, happy and blissful. As an added confirmation of the power of Yuko’s gift, I felt a surge of energy that made my entire body tremble.

It’s been three months and my emotional and physical condition is still improving. I feel this is an extraordinary priceless gift and now I am capable of interacting, playing and even going out with my grandchildren where before I was stuck immobile at home without any social interaction.

This is an extraordinary, priceless gift. It is truly a miracle for me!

I am deeply grateful to and have profound respect for Yuko and Core Love technologies for enabling me to change my life. Forever!


Sabrina Charles

Sabrina Charles

Sabrina Charles

Oct 17, 2013

Outstanding! We are so blessed to have Core’s technology and how it is profoundly utilized by Yuko to transform our lives! Thank you for sharing! Much love to you Teresa!

Nako Mbelle

Nako Mbelle

Nako Mbelle

Oct 18, 2013

That was such a beautiful testimonial. I could feel your gratefulness leap off the page. We’re also blessed to have you in the community. 🙂


Mind = blown! Energy = activated!

Julian Nalani Love

Julian Nalani Love Oct 14, 2013

Testimonial from October 13, 2013:

Yesterday I did two Activations with Yuko.

Both were very powerful — and I’d like to share about my first Activation. In the first one we were working on “others” memories on people that we admire.

What showed up for me was my mom and my dad.

There was such a rich and deep appreciation for my mom who created a new pathway for our family to leave Poland back in 1989. There is really so much to share here but the essence of it was that she moved to Greece to work as a seamstress, was amazing at it, she learned Greek, she pursued her passion of having a horse and we ended up having one in our backyard in a beautiful home in the suburbs of Athens… meanwhile, both my brother and I were sent to a private British School because both my parents were committed that we get the best education… and they did all of this on my dad’s wages working construction and my mom cleaning homes. They were focused, resilient, relentless.

They are both incredible people.

I truly admire those qualities and that pattern set the stage for me to pursue my dreams and passions.

And what’s most amazing is that I have never spoken or acknowledged both of my parents in this way… and during the activation, after my fourth look into the memory I felt very sleepy… and got completely knocked out for the next 6 hours!!! I just slept and slept and slept all afternoon Saturday.

Mind = blown! Energy = activated!

This is an open invitation for anyone who hasn’t yet had an opportunity to experience the magic of Activations to join us.

See ya on the activated side of life!


Realizations about Myself as a Global Entrepreneur

Julian Nalani Love

Julian Nalani Love

Oct 14, 2013

Testimonial for Yuko from October 9, 2013:

I had a one-on-one Activation with Yuko today — and it was amazing.

Before the Activation, I was feeling completely DEFLATED and STUCK.

I had relegated myself into a dark space and everything felt HOPELESS.

The reason for it was that I was working on a financing project for months and there is yet another delay with it… It left me feeling like such a FAILURE… and I honestly did not feel like I have any more energy to continue.

At the beginning of the activation I literally wanted to DESTROY my laptop, phone, car, and other stuff around the house with a baseball bat (I know it sounds funny but that’s where I was at). The funnier thing is that I don’t even have a baseball bat. Obviously, this is all a big part of sabotage programming. Refusing to learn from a situation and moving forward to take the next action.

In any event, as I was going through the breaths so much space opened up for me, and Yuko helped me to see how amazing my life is and the type of results that I have produced in the past — that these results are rare and not a lot of people get to experience them.

I specifically saw how my relationship with Iffy is evolving — I am now calling her a Fitness Goddess!

I also saw realizations about myself as a global entrepreneur — and the amazing projects that I am currently involved in, in Ghana and the US — and other amazing projects that I will be attracting to my life in the future.

I also saw a vision in the future after the activation when my company is larger… and it has a full-time activator like Yuko on-staff so that everyone can take advantage of group and one-on-one Activations on a regular basis as a way to enhance the company’s performance. That would be very cool.

At the end of it all, I was left peaceful, energized, and happy to have the type of life that I have.

If you haven’t experienced a one-on-one activation with Yuko I highly recommend it.

Breath of Love Activation – Purpose, Wisdom, and Lessons

Marcus Wong

Marcus Wong Sep 22, 2013

It’s 2am here. I just had an unique Breath of Love session guided by Yuko. I want to post this before I forget the details because it was like a dream/ out of body experience. This post is freaking long but interesting. It went some’m like this:

The objective I set was: convert all charges in a toxic past relationship, establish a new state of being that is totally free from it, make wise decisions in life going forward.

Skip through the boring part, here is when it gets interesting. Realizations such as: Different lives or events in lives are a sequence of chained dreams that our spirit is having. It needs to be moving. Don’t take one scene too seriously or you may get stuck in one spot. Like in a dream, you can use will power to move the dream forward, so do your will. Non-decision/non-action may be worse than wrong decision/wrong action.

The sky turned from a bright day in the city scene to a pair of huge rainbow and sun. An elongated hexagonal spirit creep in. Realization: our purpose of doing Activations (I will fill in below). At this point, the charges have already been cleared. Felt eyes blazing like fire, tuned into a collective space with no mental chatter, flowing in a vast deep darkest and serene silence, a growing crystalline castle. At this point I was in a totally different state. Lastly, an Egyptian goddess entity signifies it’s quality is in many human and I need to choose wisely for someone with such quality.

Take away points: This is a demonstration of at least 1. Breath of Love can drastically shift brain states. 2. It can help you convert charges 3. It can point you to a direction/resolution. 4. It can help you recall great concepts/ideas that you already know but forgot to apply in life. 5. not preparation is required, jump into it, do it any time any where. 6. The more sessions you do, the more you can feel the subtle shifts in state which is beautiful. 7. It can help a left brained person experience a right brain shift which can be used as a demonstration of there is more than only mind and body.

Back to the realization about purpose of doing Activations: 1. Enhance performance and decision making – our lives are shaped by moment-to moment-decisions, use Breath of love to program good decision making and spontaneous high level performance. 2. Anti aging – use Omega and LOVE Activations for anti aging, just imagine that you have made 30 years of bad decisions and now you can gain extra 30 years of youth back to make up for it.If we are telling you there is a chance and here is the steps, will you at least try? 3. Cultural engineering.

#Yuko is on a roll. #Omega is on fire.


Amazing Brain Training Activation

Winston Watson

Winston Watson

I had amazing Brain Training Activation with Yuko Halada. Yuko herself was an amazing guide. I marveled as she quickly navigated me to a core issue concerning some unconscious strain I had been placing on my left hip. I was able to see clearly the pattern of my horrible posture. Through Yuko’s sharp intuition, I was also able to see how I could take action on the issue. It was mind-blowing to see internal visualizations of hip exercises that would support me. Even deeper, in the days following this incredible session, I started to see some areas where I had some underlying fear of being controlled which had been limiting my athletic performance. Let’s just say, the Brain Training Activation put things into a more serving perspective. All in all, I came away feeling confident and more aware of my body. Thank you, Yuko!

Winston Watson

Activate L.O.V.E., CEO


Felt like a significant Karma Cleansing

Marie Fowler

Yuko Halada - Divinity Activations - Spiritual Healer Testimonial - Marie Fowler

I started working with Sensei Halada to help heal some grief and loss and as well as some stress in a relationship. Initially I didn’t know what to expect and am amazed by how powerful her work is. Not only was 80% of my grief lifted in the first session, but some life long challenging relationship patterns were transformed. With her help and through this work, I was able to access quickly and deeply, what these past life patterns were, and to also clear them. I have never experienced this ability to such a high degree before. So much so, that the friend I was having difficulties with called me right after the session, and asked ‘What did you do, I feel like I/we have a clean slate?’ To me, it felt like a significant karma cleansing had taken place, which from my perspective, is just a way to describe the clearing of long standing patterns. About a week later, this same friend was attending a spiritual event where another healing practitioner struck up a conversation with her, and as they discussed various types of healing, she described the healing session I had with Sensei Halada. This practitioner, who had her own way of detecting levels of energetic imbalance and restoration in any system, was able to confirm the depth of the work we had done, completely unbidden. My friend and I were both completely delighted and surprised! This depth and quickness of this work has given me much excitement about creating an even more compelling future, free of any pain from the past, with much grace and ease.

With deepest respect and appreciation,

Marie Fowler

Psycho therapist