Yuko Halada - Hiking in Sedona Arizona with Meetup Group

Outdoor sports has never been my lifestyle until a couple of years ago. As my spiritual awakening journey progresses I started to open myself up for those activities. Actually Core Love’s teachings made me aware the importance of it.

I was on a trail in Sedona, Arizona with my Meetup group recently and crossing creeks. I noticed how I was being in the moment and guided at how to cross the creeks efficiently and safe by carefully on the rocks. I was pretty fast. With my surprise one member asked me “…are you a professional in outdoor sports?” I NEVER thought (even in my dreams) I would be asked, if I am pro in outdoor activities! I looked at others how they were taking time thinking how to do it which I was there not too long ago.

Without realizing, I have been going through so much transformation within me that my brain’s processing power has upgraded enough that I can act that fast at creeks.

This is incredible evidence and encouragement that my healing path in my life is REAL. Without Core’s technology including Sacred Geometry, his teachings, and Activations, I would’ve never got to this point. And it’s been only a few years since I found this path.

Bottomless gratitude to Core Love’s dedication and Sacred G technology!